Zachary Goldstein ’22 believes blockchain will replace the web

Zachary Goldstein ’22 an iSchool major in Information Management and Technology with a concentration in cyber security, was always interested in tech since he was young. From being a kid obsessed with Legos to a teen unscrewing iPods, Goldstein is now a cyber security intern at National Grid.

Goldstein says the hands-on experience at National Grid has been very instrumental for him in learning more about what cyber security is and how the cyber security team operates.

At Syracuse University, Goldstein is the vice president of WiTec, a graduate student research organization, and co-founder and vice president of CryptoCuse, a club that educates fellow students about cryptocurrency with education and collaboration. Along with president of WiTec and co-founder and interim president of CryptoCuse, Catherine Forrest ’22, Goldstein has also created the blockchain start-up Edgucoin, a blockchain education platform and cryptocurrency. With Edgucoin, Forrest and Goldstein’s vision is to help people become more literate on cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Goldstein is passionate about blockchain and believes that blockchain will replace the web one day. All servers where the Internet is hosted are now centralized in a physical location, but Goldstein feels that when blockchain replaces the web, servers won’t be physical anymore.  Personal computers will be able to exist as servers and will be able to be stored in the cloud.

Technology is fascinating to Goldstein because it can do so much for people and everyone has a super computer in their pockets.  

When Goldstein was considering colleges, he heard Professor Lee McKnight, who is a faculty advisor for WiTec, give a webinar on blockchain technology, Goldstein was instantly interested in the subject. This prompted Goldstein to write his college essay on Bitcoin and blockchain technology and come to Syracuse University. Goldstein is an active member of the Blackstone LaunchPad at SU Libraries in Bird Library, which he uses as for collaboration.  LaunchPad executive director Linda Hartsock is also faculty advisor to Crypto Cuse which meets in the LaunchPad.

When not immersing himself in the world of technology, Goldstein likes to listen to old school rap or alternative music, as well as spend time with friends and ski on the Syracuse University ski team. Goldstein also used to be a lifeguard where he refined his work ethic.

Story by LaunchPad Global Fellow Natalie Lui ‘22; photo supplied