Meet The Team

The Blackstone LaunchPad and Techstars program at Syracuse University is supported by professional staff, as well as a talented team of student entrepreneurs who serve as mentors and subject matter experts.

The Dean of SU Libraries is the academic champion for the Blackstone LaunchPad and Techstars program at Syracuse University.  It is led by an Executive Director who is a seasoned professional, with a background in innovation and development, and the program is supported by an independent consultant in a project management role who is graduate of the LaunchPad program and a venture founder.

The student team includes Global Fellows, Rubin Family Innovation Mentors, Orange Ambassadors, Todd B. Rubin Diversity and Inclusion Scholars, Hunter Brooks Watson Scholars and a Syracuse University Hult Prize Campus Ambassador.

Together, the LaunchPad team provides multi-disciplinary skill sets and expansive services to help all members of the Syracuse University community explore innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, and build professional and personal skill sets to succeed.

Executive Staff

David Seaman
David SeamanDean of SU
Linda Dickerson Hartsock
Linda Dickerson HartsockExecutive
Nick Barba
Nick BarbaProject Management

Global Fellows

LaunchPad Global Fellows are subject matter experts in various disciplines such as engineering, software and data management, industrial and interaction design and product development, graphic design, web design, UX-UI, all forms of digital media and content development, as well as marketing, sales and finance.

Claire Howard
Claire Howard’23, Maxwell, economics and international relations
Jack Lyons
Jack Lyons’22, Newhouse, Whitman
Aorui Pi
Aorui Pi’21, Newhouse, Psychology
Natalie Lui
Natalie Lui’21, VPA Fashion Design

The Rubin Family Innovation Mentors

Rubin Family Innovation Mentors serve as peer advisors to a portfolio of student startups, coaching them on strategy and venture development.

James LePage
James LePage’23 Whitman, Real Estate
Kelly Davis
Kelly Davis’23, Whitman, Marketing
Jackson Ensley
Jackson Ensley’22, Whitman, Marketing
Bruno Gonzalez Hauger
Bruno Gonzalez Hauger’21 Whitman, Entrepreneurship & Newhouse, Advertising
Ben Ford
Ben Ford’23 Whitman, Marketing

Hunter Brooks Watson Scholar

Hunter Brooks Watson Scholars are supported through a generous gift from the Hunter Watson Memorial Fund.  It is Inspired by Syracuse University’s Remembrance Scholar program, and was established as a way to honor the life and entrepreneurial spirit of Hunter Brooks Watson, a Syracuse University student who passed away after injuries suffered in a tragic 2016 distracted driving car accident. The Syracuse University Hunter Brooks Watson Scholar peer mentors students and builds the pipeline of innovative students who exemplify the "spirit of entrepreneurship."

Claire Howard
Claire Howard’23, Maxwell, economics and international relations

Hult Prize Syracuse University Campus Ambassador

The Syracuse University Hult Prize Campus Ambassador helps organize the campus Hult Prize competition at Syracuse University.  It is part of a global competition that is often referred to as the “Nobel Prize” of student impact entrepreneurship.

Claire Howard
Claire Howard’23, Maxwell, economics and international relations

Former Team Members

Alec Gilinder
Alec GilinderRubin Family Innovation Mentor Fall '19—Spring '20
Alesandra (Sasha) Temerte
Alesandra (Sasha) TemerteOrange Ambassador Fall '20—Spring '21
Amanda Chou
Amanda ChouGlobal Media Fellow Spring '17—Spring '18
Amos Cohen
Amos CohenGlobal Media Fellow Spring '17
Audrey Miller
Audrey MillerHunter Brooks Watson Scholar Spring '20
Avi Singhal
Avi SinghalIntern Summer '17
Bridget McDonough
Bridget McDonoughGlobal Media Fellow Fall '18—Spring '19
Bruno Luiz
Bruno LuizRubin Family Innovation Mentor Fall '20—Spring '21
Chris Appello
Chris AppelloGlobal Media Fellow Fall '20
Christian Medina
Christian MedinaIntern Fall '16
David Fox
David FoxGlobal Media Fellow Spring '17—Spring '19
Emily Pearson
Emily PearsonGlobal Media Fellow Fall '18—Spring '21
Emma Rothman
Emma RothmanHBW Scholar & Fellow Fall '19—Spring '21
Elizabeth Tarangelo
Elizabeth TarangeloGlobal Media Fellow Summer '18—Fall '18
Emily Dang
Emily DangIntern Spring '17
Gabriela Holliman-Lopez
Gabriela Holliman-LopezDiversity and Innovation Scholar Fall '20—Spring '21
Jackson Siporin
Jackson SiporinGlobal Media Fellow Spring '21
Jake deHahn
Jake deHahnGlobal Media Fellow Spring '18—Spring '19
Jalen Nash
Jalen NashGlobal Media Fellow Spring '19—Spring '20
James Rudman
James RudmanOrange Ambassador Fall '20—Spring '21
Justina Hnatowicz
Justina HnatowiczGlobal Media Fellow Fall '17—Spring '18
Justin Diaz
Justin DiazOrange Ambassador Fall '20—Spring '21
Justin Lee
Justin LeeGlobal Media Fellow Fall '18
Kaizhao Zero Lin
Kaizhao Zero LinGlobal Media Fellow Spring '21
Kate Beckman
Kate BeckmanGlobal Media Fellow Summer '17
Kayla Simon
Kayla SimonHunter Brooks Watson Scholar Fall '18—Spring '19
Kelsey Davis
Kelsey DavisRubin Family Innovation Mentor Fall '19—Spring '20
Kennedy Patlan
Kennedy PatlanGlobal Engagement Scholar Fall '17
Krishna Pamidi
Krishna PamidiGlobal Media Fellow Fall '20—Spring '21
Lawrence Lin
Lawrence LinGlobal Fellow Spring '17—Fall '17
Luz Perez
Luz PerezGlobal Engagement Scholar Spring '18
Matt Shumer
Matt ShumerRubin Family Innovation Mentor Fall '19—Spring '20
Megan Swanson
Megan SwansonIntern Fall '16
Michael McCormack
Michael McCormackGlobal Media Fellow Spring '18
Nick Barba
Nick BarbaGlobal Fellow Fall '19—Spring '20
Patrick Linehan
Patrick LinehanGlobal Media Fellow Fall '20—Spring '21
Patrick Prioletti
Patrick PriolettiRubin Family Innovation Mentor Fall '19—Spring '21
Quentin Rosso
Quentin RossoGlobal Fellow Fall '17—Spring '18
Quinn King
Quinn KingRubin Family Innovation Mentor Fall '19—Spring '20
Russell Fearon
Russell FearonOrange Ambassador Fall '20—Spring '21
Sam Hollander
Sam HollanderGlobal Media Fellow Fall '18—Spring '21
Saniya More
Saniya MoreGlobal Media Fellow Spring '18
Season Chowdhury
Season ChowdhuryOrange Ambassador Fall '20—Spring '21
Sukhmeet Singh
Sukhmeet SinghIntern Fall '16—Spring '17
Sloane Sexton
Sloane SextonGlobal Media Fellow Fall '20—Spring '21
Tyra Ambroise Jean
Tyra Ambroise JeanDiversity and Innovation Scholar Fall '20—Spring '21
Victoria Lawson
Victoria LawsonGlobal Media Fellow Spring '18—Spring '20
Will DeVito
Will DeVitoGlobal Media Fellow Spring '19—Spring '20
Zain Edeen Elwakil
Zain Edeen ElwakilOrange Ambassador Fall '20—Spring '21

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