Randy Ginsburg ’19, author and entrepreneur, featured by Inc.com

Randy Ginsburg at book talk

Randy Ginsburg ’19, author of  “Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success,” was featured in a profile article/book review this past week in Inc.com.

“Workplace bullying can be devastating, contributing to significant stress,” writes Wanda Thibodeaux in the article.  “And unfortunately, it’s not new in the workplace–60.3 million American workers say it affects them, according to the Workplace Bullying Institute. And even worse, the majority of that bullying (61 percent) comes from poor bosses who often do nothing to help or who engage in sham investigations. But Randy Ginsburg, author of Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success, says that leaders can take their experience of being bullied and turn it into a positive.”  She goes on to explore lessons in the book, which can be put into good use in any workplace.

Ginsburg, a graduate of the Whitman School, earned a double major in entrepreneurship and marketing and is an alumnus of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at SU Libraries. He launched the book and gave a featured talk at the LaunchPad as part of Orange Central Weekend. The book was written to inspire those who were bullied with wisdom and advice from a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs who have overcome that negative experience and used it as a stepping stone for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

Read the article here:  https://www.inc.com/wanda-thibodeaux/even-business-leaders-like-elon-musk-have-been-bullied-heres-how-to-rise-above-cruelty.html

Photo:  Randy Ginsburg at his book launch, Orange Central 2019, at the LaunchPad at Bird Library