Quentin Rosso wins Whitman Student Entrepreneur of the Year Award and Entrepalooza Pitchfest

Quentin Rosso winning award   Quentin Rosso winning pitch fest
It was a big weekend for Quentin Rosso ’18.  He was named Student Entrepreneur of the Year at the recent Panasci Business Plan Competition by the Whitman School of Management and also won the $500 prize in the Entrepalooza Pitchfest hosted by the Whitman sponsored Entrepreneurship Club.

Quentin won the pitchfest for his new venture, Radarset http://radarset.com/

Radarset tracks four key indicators that startups need to know when assessing their competitive landscape.  They include:

  • Human Resources — Signals on the last job postings and new management issues faced by the startups.
  • Product Developement — In-depth signals on last feature updates, price changes and new product releases of the startups.
  • Financing — Last rounds of funding and are able to provide insights on the investors interested into the startups.
  • Marketing –Media mentions and their social media successful strategies.

Radarset’s goal, quite simply, is to empower startups and small businesses.  More than 543,000 new businesses get started each month in the United States, which means more than a half million new competitors with innovative products, services and internal processes. They constitute an infinite source of inspiration for new and existing businesses. Radarset enables any small business to use the massive flow of big data and combine it with analytics to create their algorithms that match a company’s vertical sector, and business goals. Radarset competitive insights can help small businesses implement business development strategies and increase productivity.

RadarSet’s artificial intelligence platform is dedicated to discovering and tracking companies. With highly targeted competitive insights, RadarSet helps entrepreneurs crowdsource business intelligence, marketing, fundraising, and management strategies from competitors.

The Student Entrepreneur Award was in recognition of Rosso’s many accomplishments as an undergraduate at Syracuse.  He was jointly nominated by the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University and the Falcone Center for Entrepreneurship.  He has been active with both entrepreneurship programs.

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Quentin Rosso, entrepreneur extraordinaire