Quentin Rosso, entrepreneur extraordinaire

Photo of Quentin Rosso
Quentin Rosso is an entrepreneur, true to every aspect of the word. He is a third year senior studying finance and political philosophy. He is a Frenchman. He is a savant who understands the intricacies of blockchain and crytocurrency.  He is an accomplished growth hacker, a self-taught coder and web design genius, a music composer and producer, an origami artist and … a knitter. In other words, he’s something of a modern day DaVinci.  No stranger to the Blackstone LaunchPad at SU, Quentin brings life to the meaning of entrepreneurship each and every single day.

He started his entrepreneurial journey as a teenager in Paris, and was a speaker on the TedX stage when still in high school.  When asked about his past seven years as an entrepreneur, Quentin simply smiles and answers: “I like to think of this journey as learning how to connect the dots.”  And he has become a very skilled connector. By constantly breaking down barriers between certain industries, and finding creative ways to combine his many passions, Quentin embodies what it means to be an avid learner. And isn’t that what entrepreneurship really is?

Aside from his eclectic hobbies, his professional focus is on web design and marketing strategy. Quentin is working on a cross cultural web design project with an Israeli friend, Amos Cohen.  Together, they are designing beautiful websites for startups that are based in their home countries of France and Israel.

When he’s not on Skype communicating with his clients, he is actively tracking the marketing activity of startups through Radarset, a market intelligence firm that he founded.  One day, Quentin also hopes to open a restaurant, as a family project, in Canada or in France, where his roots lay. Quentin keeps his projects close to his heart, because he is so passionate he is about them.

Returning as a Blackstone LaunchPad Global Fellow for the third year, Quentin is working hard to leverage his Syracuse University network before he graduates this May. He wants to leave his mark on the university’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, especially at the LaunchPad. He is creating the Founder’s Circle, a tight knit network of LaunchPad alumni who have recently graduated or are graduating this year. He is actively making meaningful connections with Syracuse alumni who are now successful entrepreneurs themselves or VCs. Everything he does now is to refine his incredibly wide range of skills and to apply them as effectively as he can.

Stop by the LaunchPad to meet Quentin and get to know his latest projects, or email him: qrosso@syr.edu.

Story by Amanda Chou ‘18, Blackstone LaunchPad Global Media Fellow
Photo by Hannah Benavides