Jalen Nash returns to the LaunchPad as a Global Media Fellow

Jalen Nash in a winter scene

Jalen Nash ‘ 20 (Political Science) is rejoining the LaunchPad as a Global Media Fellow for Spring 2020, reprising the role he held last spring as digital storyteller, profiling entrepreneurs and their journeys.  “Life is a collection of stories, each moment, a word in a bigger plot. These moments come together to make up who you are in the present,” says Nash.  “As an aspiring journalist, I aim to identify the moments that brought entrepreneurs into their present day. In this position as a Blackstone Global Fellow, I enjoy illuminating the life stories of young entrepreneurs.”

Read Jalen’s story here and learn about the experiences and environment that shaped his journey before he came to Syracuse, his transition to college, and how the thinking of individual people can create change through larger groups.  From his role as an editor at the Daily Orange to being a Literacy Corps volunteer, his campaign for SA president, member of the Student Advisory Council and co-chair of Student Life, to his role as co-editor in chief of Renegade Magazine, which he launched in June 2019, Nash has been a change-maker in his personal life, as well as across campus.

Along the way, he has created relationships to facilitate change, and stayed true to his love of storytelling.  “I love stories, and writers are storytellers. In this position, I have the opportunity to both listen to, and present new unique stories, something I have always valued coming from others.”

We welcome him back, and look forward to his stories this spring.