LaunchPad alum Randy Ginsburg publishes book

Picture of Randy Ginsburg

Blackstone LaunchPad alumnus launches book titled “Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success”

Randy Ginsburg ‘19 recently launched a book titled “Adversity to Advantage: How to Overcome Bullying & Find Entrepreneurial Success.” Ginsburg, a graduate of the Whitman School of Management, earned a double major in Entrepreneurship and Marketing and is an alumnus of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars (LaunchPad) at Syracuse University Libraries program. The book was written to inspire those who were bullied with wisdom and advice from a diverse group of successful entrepreneurs who have overcome that negative experience and used it as a stepping stone for personal and entrepreneurial growth.

“I wrote the book out of a desire to create, but also to prove myself to all the people who mistreated me or doubted me in the past. Not only have my experiences with bullying helped me find my passion for entrepreneurship, but they also provided me with a chip on my shoulder that constantly fuels my fire to succeed,” said Randy Ginsburg, author and entrepreneur.  The book is available through Amazon in both paperback and Kindle editions.

According to research cited in Ginsburg’s book, every seven minutes a child is bullied and one out of every three students in the United States have been targeted at school. Although conventional wisdom says that bullying is exclusively detrimental to one’s health, studies show that 47% of victims report a positive effect on their adult lives. The book shares stories of successful entrepreneurs’ bullying experiences, including: Tom Ford, who beat bullying to launch one of the world’s largest fashion houses and reinvent himself as an award-winning filmmaker; Elon Musk, whose familiarity with pain helped him to start PayPal, Tesla, and SpaceX; and Andrew Nikou who defeated bullies and went on to found OpenGate Capital, a multi-billion dollar global private equity firm.

“We’re incredibly proud of Randy for sharing his story and experience with others. In fact, we’ve ordered copies of his book for our students at the LaunchPad to reference. Randy has tackled a compelling problem, approaching it from a perspective informed by his own personal experience and thoughtful interviews and research.  His focus is important and timely,” said Linda Dickerson Hartsock, Executive Director of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars.

Ginsburg will return to Syracuse University as part of Orange Central (alumni weekend) to speak with alumni and current students about his experiences and the book.  He will be the featured speaker at an Innovation Breakfast at 10 a.m.. Friday, September 13, in the LaunchPad, first floor of Bird Library.  To reserve a spot, e-mail

Order the book here.