LaunchPad Toolkit Workshop on how to monetize yourself in a pandemic, October 1.

headshot of a woman entrepreneur

Join Geena Matuson, a serial founder and CMO with a focus on marketing and sales psychology, community development and messaging, and systems design, for a workshop, Thursday, October 1 at 3 p.m. The event will be hosted on the LaunchPad’s new Discord platform, so  join to tune in.  Here is a quick primer to get you started on our new Discord network.  Geena will be talking about innovative ways to put your your skills to work in the time of COVID-19, from free-lancing to creating premium content, creating on-line courses and workshops, podcasting, blogging, livestreaming, to making money and optimizing GoogleAdSense and more. Now is the time that so many recent grads are challenged with finding creative ways to produce revenue while they are looking for jobs or between gigs. Putting your skills to work in new ways and monetizing “yourself” can be both fun and profitable.

Building online communities from a young age, Geena went on to receive a B.F.A. in Film Production, M.A. in Journalism and Communications, and several certificates in business analytics and marketing. She uses formal education to apply to her business endeavors, knowing that research, good content and marketing — with a focus on being human — is how you grow a movement. She has also worked as a graphic designer and instructor, promoting UX/UI and accessibility.

Geena is launching a multi-platform community with focus on media based on creativity and connection for a new human model through neuroeconomics. 

Join the conversation on Discord, and learn a few new tools, techniques and tips. Learn more about Geena at