How to use LaunchPad Discord to chat and connect with other innovators

LaunchPad project manager Nick Barba ’20 and Rubin Family Innovation Mentor Patrick Prioletti ’21 created the new LaunchPad Discord platform and are using it to organize and deliver peer mentoring to Syracuse startups.

One of the most powerful aspects of the Blackstone LaunchPad is the community it creates. In the virtual world, the LaunchPad is utilizing Discord as a new tool to recreate community in an online space for connecting and working remotely. Join the new LaunchPad Syracuse  Discord platform which is a real time chatroom to network, ask questions and get answers.  The new platform functions as an online collaborative space to meet mentors, connect with other innovators, attend workshops with talented professionals, discover what events the LaunchPad has to offer, and simply chat with like-minded people. 

Here are eight simple tips that will quickly help you become a power user:

  1. A purple icon in the lower right-hand corner of the LaunchPad website indicates the LaunchPad Discord channel. By clicking it, you can access our channels or you can enter the Discord here.
  2. The first step is to join the LaunchPad server by clicking on the channel named welcome. Once you’ve read the information and agreed to the rules, you’ll be granted access to an energetic and idea-filled community.
  3. The Discord is divided into several different categories with texting chat channels. These different channels create conversations and networks surrounding finding teammates, looking for mentors, and simply discussing your ideas with others.
  4. If you’re working on a brilliant idea and trying to build a team, the text channel looking for teammates under “Opportunity Board” allows you to reach out to other in the innovative community to find teammates and skill sets to help you launch your business. Interested in startups and entrepreneurship but don’t have a company of your own? Looking for an existing team is a channel to showcase your skills and find ventures you want to work with.
  5. The “Announcement” category lists upcoming events such as our fireside chats or workshops where we teach technical and practical business skills. You can also read our newsletter in this category, which is packed with inspiring stories of other student entrepreneurs and filled with upcoming innovative opportunities.
  6. Looking for a mentor to advise and support you through your company-building process? The category “Mentor Network” contains the channel mentor-matching, whichallows you to request a mentor and you’ll then be paired with one of our experienced Rubin Innovation Family Mentors. You can also request a mentor through the LaunchPad form on our website.
  7. One of our favorite aspects of Discord is the abilty chat with one another in our various voice channels.   The channel office hours hosts various Q&A chats with experts and professors from fields around campus, such as the Innovation Law Center. The mentor lounge is where you might schedule an appointment to chat with your mentor. We also have community space chat rooms where we welcome members to hop in at any time and talk to one another, whether that’s an idea you’re working on or how your day is going.  The Big Table chat room is perfect for meetings and large groups of people, while Round Table is a smaller space for casual conversations.
  8. Below the voice channels you’ll find discussion rooms for chatting with fellow innovators. The general channel can be utilized for any conversation, while the big table and round table channels coordinate with the voice channels to drop information while you chat.

We know that this time can feel draining and isolating for many. Community is essential for energizing and fulfilling work, and we don’t want you to work alone. Through our Discord that our staff have worked devotedly over the past summer to create, we hope to share a space with you for mentoring, collaborating, learning, and connecting with others as overflowing with talent and ideas as you are.

Story by LaunchPad Global Fellow Claire Howard ‘23