Awning Mental Health app, a LaunchPad powered startup, can help you manage stress

Need some help with stress?  Like most people, are you feeling anxious just reading the news these days?  It can be overwhelming.  Where can you find some relief? Awning Mental Health, a SU Blackstone LaunchPad powered company, has built an app that designs customized stress therapy routines for its users, using a number of widely practiced non-pharmaceutical approaches.  The free app is available here to help you biometric data to administer stress relief through the form of guided meditation, breathing exercises, and music to help you calm down.

The five-star rated app is available only on the App Store and requires iOS 11.0 or later. It is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Co-founders Dylan Sen and Syracuse University alumnus Daniel Fridliand (Whitman) are also building a web platform to act as a communication tool between the app user and a mental health professional, for more accurate therapist/clientele interactions.  The team is looking to bring its technology to as many students as possible, by partnering with high schools and colleges.  Awning had a successful beta test with Syracuse’s student body, with some articles here and here and also deployed to the student body at a high school district in Bergen County, NJ.

Take control of your stress and better manage it, by trying Awning Mental Health.