Add a little innovation to your summer

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It’s summer and the LaunchPad is open for business.  We’re hoping you find time to catch some fun and play around with innovation. If you’re on campus, drop in and feel free to work here.  You’ll find familiar faces and a great space for collaborating.  Summer is great “hang time” at the LaunchPad, but if you’re working from a remote location and can’t drop in, we are also available by phone or video chat.

Our summer newsletters will be less frequent, but will keep you in the loop on programs, people, activities, events and resources.  Keep us up on your summer news too!

Summer is the time to get building.  Here are some fun ways to stay engaged:

  1. Kick around ideas with us.  Been noodling an idea around in your head but don’t have anyone to talk to about it?  We’re here for you.  Reach out to for a chat. 
  2. Get coaching.  Summer is the time to double down on coaching.  E-mail us at to get coaching.  Our mentor list rapidly expanding through alumni and industry connections who are happy to help provide feedback and guidance.  Learn more about our mentorship program here.
  3. Build your roadmap. We have a roadmap process that will get you from idea to launch.  It’s a surefire recipe for success.  Check it out, and access tons of other free resources on our website.  Summer is the time to build that venture that you didn’t have time for during the academic year – and also a great time to make traction on what you’re already started.
  4. Work on your pitch.  There are so many exciting competitions coming up this academic year.  Get a head start on them by building your pitch deck or refining the one you have.  Get feedback.  Practice.  It could also be time to try that pitch out on some investors.  We can help get you ready.
  5. Catch up on summer reading. The Blackstone Launchpad Innovation and Entrepreneurship Book Collection continues to grow, with many titles available in electronic editions.  This award-winning collection, crowdsourced with the help of faculty, staff and students, is one of the most widely circulated categories of books at SU Libraries. Entrepreneurship starts with exploration, and there is no time like summer to kick back and read.  Here’s a link to the Innovation and Entrepreneurship book collection.
  6. Earn some badges.  Blackstone Global Fellow Nick Barba has created an ingenious badge system for LaunchPad ventures.  The badges follow students from idea to commercialization and are a fun and motivational way to track progress developing your business idea. Check out the Badge Book here.  Badges come straight from the LaunchPad’s roadmap, as well as suggestions from members and mentors.