You are NOT a brand. Understand your identity.

Picture of Geena Matuson

Join Geena Matuson for a workshop, “You are NOT a brand: Identity in Social Media,” on March 10 at 5:30 p.m. to learn about branding and identity. “Through social media and other means, we have come to use the term personal brand,” according to Matuson.  “This leads to identity confusion. Am I the person in my Instagram or Snapchat profile, or is there more to me? What is a personal brand, anyway? Treating a person like a brand can be hard to navigate without turning ourselves into products. In this toolkit, hear stories and learn the language to understand your identity beyond any one ‘brand,’ enabling you to share your values while maintaining connection to your authentic self. A personal brand is just one of the many brands of you.”

“I will share stories with examples of social media profiles and the people behind them, plus my research (diagram) to show how we can cognitively process this information to think differently and align our inner self with the many brands of us.”

Matuson is an arts technologist, strategist and storyteller using creative and analytical skills to develop frameworks for brand messaging, relationships and community growth. A graduate of the Goldring Arts Journalism graduate program at Newhouse, she launched her own venture and personal brand out of the LaunchPad.  She is author of the forthcoming book, “The Possibility System.”

“As a multimedia storyteller, I use print, digital, video and social to tell cohesive stories that drive marketing goals. I love to experiment with new methods and ideas while collaborating with and mentoring others. For me, there’s no delineation between work and play in that I absolutely love what I do: creation through creative problem solving.”

Her passion for teaching and community building has also influenced her work with AIY Studio (@artinspiresyou). See her work portfolio at, and see my journalism clips at

She is currently working on a forthcoming book “The Possibility System,” a focus on creativity and entrepreneurship, and internal value versus external validation. Join the book newsletter and learn more at