Whitman professor and entrepreneur John Torrens publishes “Lighting in a Bottle” on using ADHD as a superpower for innovation

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Dr. John Torrens, ‘G93, Professor of Entrepreneurial Practice and deputy chair of the Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises at Syracuse University’s Martin J. Whitman School of Management has just published, “Lightning in a Bottle: How Entrepreneurs Can Harness Their ADHD to Win,” now available on Amazon

Among the topics Torrens explores in the book are how to use ADHD “superpowers” such as laser focus, sensation seeking and quick thinking as advantages, while better managing ADHD challenges such as distractibility and impulsive decision-making.  Torrens helps teams understand how to more effectively work with an ADHD boss, while helping those with ADHD understand how to work more effectively in teams, finish projects more efficiently, and reach their full potential with greater productivity and life-work balance. 

Buy the book here on Amazon and read more about how Dr. Torrens came to write it in this article in Whitman Voices.

The book has already risen to #1 in new releases in the Learning Disabilities category with five-star reader ratings.  Scott Gucciardi wrote in a review, “Based not on theory but on real life experiences, this book is compelling, insightful, and personal. It includes valuable advice and actionable suggestions to harness the ADHD traits that will be helpful in driving greater success in entrepreneurial ventures.”

“Lightning in a Bottle captures the essence of the entrepreneurial journey for those with ADHD,” says Matt Shumer, founder and CEO of Otherside AI, a LaunchPad venture.  “As a leading expert on the subject, Torrens’ teachings have empowered me to harness my ADHD, changing it from a distraction into an entrepreneurial superpower. If you have ever felt like you can’t concentrate, or are easily distracted, John will help you leverage the power of your ADHD to build a world-class company.”

“I felt seen, heard, and encouraged on every page,” added Kelsey Davis ’19 G ’20, founder and CEO of CLLCTVE, another LaunchPad venture. “This book empowers entrepreneurs with the tools to turn their ADHD into a superpower, providing a mindful path forward to lead any tribe. Whether you personally have ADHD or conduct business with someone who does, this is the book for you.”

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Dr. Torrens, who is also the LaunchPad Faculty Entrepreneur in Residence, is a healthcare and education entrepreneur with 25 years leading high growth companies.  He has extensive experience in developing high-performing teams, raising capital, and both buy/sell side M&A.  He is currently acting COO of Saluber MD, a global telemedicine company in which he is also an investor.  Previously, Dr. Torrens joined the management team of Vertical Companies, a vertically integrated cannabis company, for a year in order to take on special projects.

His research interests include the link between ADHD and Entrepreneurship, and he is a frequent guest speaker and executive education instructor in the areas of entrepreneurship, strategy, and corporate innovation. 

His TEDx speech “ADHD as an Entrepreneur’s Superpower” which explores recent research and his own personal experiences has been viewed more than 100,000 times. 

He is quoted frequently in print media, has written several articles, and has delivered multiple presentations on the business of healthcare.  He holds a Ph.D. in healthcare administration.