What they said: students react to an “amazing” Startup Weekend

Syracuse University Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars.

LaunchPad videographer Will DeVito captured the event, so watch for a compilation short film coming soon, but in the meantime, here are some of the comment cards left by students who attended Startup Weekend.  This sums it up best, “Thank you all so much for sticking this out with me.  It was a true dream come true to work with all of you at Startup Weekend.  You are so insanely talented in your own ways, and just so thoughtful.  I am so lucky to now be part of a community that is truly the best and the brightest.  Thank you so much for this amazing weekend.”

  • “I love my mentor team, and getting feed back from day one.  Their presence and help, and getting to meet and talk with like-minded individuals, made my entire weekend.”
  • “Thank you so much for an amazing weekend.  I walked into the auditorium with an idea, and walked out with a bunch of new friends.  I am most grateful for the connections I made this weekend.  It was such an encouraging and loving environment.  I will definitely be spending more time in the LaunchPad now that I’ve discovered this community.”
  • “It game me an opportunity to learn, work in a group, and test different ideas.  I would not have been able to do any of this without finding this team.  Our mentor was amazing.  THANK YOU!”
  • “The opportunity made me realize that my ideas can be unleashed and I can work out a plan to build on my idea and start a company.  I loved working with and meeting new people, and working with a committed team.”
  • “It was incredible to have the opportunity to work with such amazing, smart people.”
  • “Getting to hear the incredible things that people imagine, expanded my thinking in such amazing ways.”
  • “I like the atmosphere you created.  It allowed us to become friends in short time because we shared one passion.  Thanks for these days.”
  • “I like how fast-paced this weekend was.  I learned a lot and will definitely use the LaunchPad’s resources in the future.”
  • “I really liked this weekend for giving me a chance at doing excellent things with the wonderful people in Syracuse.”
  • “It was wonderful to learn how to collaborate in a diverse group.”
  • “I really liked the teamwork and friendly environment.  Everyone was so helpful and positive.”
  • “I loved making new friends and creating something with them.”
  • “What I liked about Startup Weekend was going through the process of actually pitching a business idea, as I want to create my own company one day.”
  • “I enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people and cooperate with them to achieve a common goal.”
  • “The overall experience of the event was great.  Working in teams towards a project was an amazing learning opportunity to get hands-on experience with a startup.”
  • “As a new entrepreneur, this weekend not only taught me more than I ever could have expected, but this fast-paced intensive environment was the best introduction possible to entrepreneurship.  Shout out to our team!”
  • I liked the event from the beginning to the ends.  It was just awesome.  I loved my teams.  We were like a well-oiled engine, working and taking care of things.  Thank you!”
  • “Everything was great!  Loved the food.  Loved my team-members.  Loved the networking opportunities.”
  • “I enjoyed getting things done in a limited amount of time, meeting creative minds, and problem-solving together, as well as working on opportunities as a team. I loved the wide range of talent.”
  • “I met very smart and bright people, and I would like to have them on my team moving forward!”
  • “I liked getting outside of my comfort zone!”
  • “I had the opportunity to work with amazing students developing a whole business plan in one weekend.  Wow, that was fun.  I really enjoyed this experience.”
  • “What I liked about this weekend is that I got to use my creative juices and think innovatively about the startup world.  It influenced me for the greater good.  I never knew a team could get so much done in one weekend!”
  • “I loved the sense of family and the incredible bonds I made.  Also, I loved working on such an amazing idea with incredible people.  What a great experience.”
  • “I loved meeting great new people.  Everyone had different aspirations, and when we worked together, BOOM, great things happened and new ideas were born!”

Thanks to all who turned out and stayed for the weekend.  The words above speak for all when we say it was an incredible weekend and we loved spending it with you.