What are you doing on winter break?

2021 is almost over.  Good luck on your finals as your finish out the semester strong. Safe travels on your journey home, or wherever winter break takes you on studies or adventures. This is our last newsletter this semester, but we’ll be here at work in Bird Library during the break.  In fact, here are ten great reasons to use winter break as a great time to jumpstart your good ideas. Take that first step and click here.

1. Meet people and find a mentor

Connecting with like-minded students is the first great reason to join the LaunchPad.  But right up there is connecting with a network of smart people who can mentor you personally and professionally. Our mentor program includes successful alumni entrepreneurs who love helping other students.  Winter break is the perfect time to have conversations with them.

2. You have an idea

You’ve been thinking about something all semester.  You can’t get out of your head.  But you haven’t had the time to work on it. You’d like to test it out, get some feedback, talk to some experts, and maybe even try it out in a no-stress, low-risk environment.  You could use a good listener. We’re here for you.

3. You don’t have an idea, but you would love to explore the world of startups

If you’re using break as a time to search for summer internships, jobs, or a career beyond graduation, now is the time to get started. There are more new jobs in startups than in any point in history, and those ventures are looking for employees who understand startup culture.  There is no better way to learn that than to be part of the LaunchPad.

4.  You want to join a team that is doing something cool

You don’t need your own idea or company to be part of the LaunchPad. LaunchPad ventures are looking for you.  We can help connect you with amazing student founders who would be thrilled to have you on their team.  Plus, you’ll acquire skills you could never learn in a classroom. Whether you stay or move on beyond the team, you’ll be building a portfolio of experiences that sets you apart.

5. You want to learn some new skills

Balancing your creative skills with some business skills is always a good idea. It better prepares you chase opportunity. The only way to develop them is through real life experiences. LaunchPad members are engineers, software developers, designers, digital content creators, biz and finance gurus, visual and performing artists, foodies, policy experts, big thinkers and so much more.  Hang around with them and you’ll learn those skills too. 

6. You want to build your resume and get hired by an innovation company

LaunchPad people are the kind of people that leading innovation companies want to hire first.  They know that building something in college, competing in campus competitions, and working on startup teams are value propositions on a resume. 

7. You have an idea that is ready for acceleration

You want to build something yourself.  You’re ready to be part of an ecosystem to help you rapidly accelerate your venture idea.  After graduation you want to get into a world class accelerator.  You want to pitch your idea to investors.  We’re your team to help you incubate now to get ready for launch and acceleration.

8. You are looking for funding for your idea

Raising early-stage capital is hard, but not impossible.  We can prepare you. We’ll help you understand what investors are looking for and get you ready to answer the tough questions about value proposition, path to market, competitive landscape, costs, and revenue projections, and what your business will need to get to scale.

9. You enjoy an insanely creative environment and competition

Jumping fully into the LaunchPad is an unparalleled creative experience that is intense in the best possible way.  You’ll get back as much as you put in.  If you have the heart, head, and hustle for the startup world, you’ll have an unparalleled student experience and gain friends for life.  Nothing else compares.

10. It’s all about you

Talk to students who are part of our community, our peer mentors, and our alumni, many of whom stay engaged with us as mentors. The experience is all about you and there is no better place to be.

Reach out to us over winter break and let’s get started on something great.