Want to build a startup team? Join a startup? We’ve got your solution.

people in a circle joining hands

It’s the entrepreneur’s dilemma:  How to build a team and find team members?  You’re not alone.  All startups struggle with this.  At the same time, so many talented creatives, innovators and technologists would love to be part of a startup but don’t know how to find one and join an entrepreneurial team.  We turned this challenge over to our amazing LaunchPad problem-solvers and our Rubin Family Innovation Mentors created a simple solution.  It just launched and it’s brilliant.  Check out how to build your own startup team, or join a great startup team.  Postings will populate a new LaunchPad ventures on-line opportunity board here. We will also be publishing them in upcoming issues of our newsletter.

It works like this:

  1. Post your team opportunity here.  It’s simple and fast.  Post each opportunity separately (i.e., content manager, technical lead, business development, etc.).  The simple drop down will guide you through some quick questions.
  2. Your team opportunity will be prominently displayed here. It’s a great way to build your brand and show the traction you’re creating with your startup. The more positions you create, the more notice you get.
  3. Students who would love to join teams can post their skill sets here. There are lots of categories — from business development and sales, to content development, digital media and marketing, finance, graphic design, hardware and software, UX/UI, web development and more. Build incredible portfolio work that will get you noticed.
  4. Based on the smart matching system our LaunchPad team created, you’ll get a push e-mail that there is a match.  Connect on your own from there.
  5. Your posting will be live for 30 days.  If you haven’t filled the slot and want to keep looking, simply post it again.

The goal is not to replace other team building and matchmaking platforms like Handshake and LinkedIn, but to help better connect startup talent across campus through a very strategic new matchmaking tool.  Build your teams and connect all in one simple place.  

Now we’ve got one ask: Share this out with folks in your network to help make this the very best one-stop talent hub for Syracuse University’s innovation ecosystem.