TSB 3: Learn Everything About DTC – W/ Nik Sharma

This article was originally published by TheSuccessBug.com by The Success Bug Team on March 20, 2020.


For our third interview, we were honored to have an entrepreneur admitted into Forbes 30 under 30, Nik Sharma. Nik has had an iconic career so far. At just the age of 15, he handled the social media accounts of pop stars like Pitbull, Priyanka Chopra, MAGIC!, and others. Now, he is the director of direct-to-consumer business (digital advertising, social media, digital partnerships, customer communication, influencer relationships, and content) for Hint, one of IAB’s 250 Direct Brands To Watch for 2018. His accolades landed him in Forbes 30 under 30 by just the age of 22, and he’s shown no signs of slowing down.


How to pitch yourself and your idea, how to network, and how to leverage social media to create opportunity. You’ll also learn different strategies for social media ads and on what platforms to run them. Additionally, you’ll hear some of Nik’s top tips for what an individual should be focusing on when trying to scale their business.

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Nik’s Website, Sharma Brands
Nik’s Phone Number, 917-905-2340
Nik’s Twitter, Nik
Book mention, The Way Of The Wolf

“I remember specifically I would get an introduction to someone and then I would basically hustle until I got time with them or face to face with them.”

“I don’t over practice it nor is it a scripted thing. It’s [an elevator pitch]… just figuring out their context… you have one bullet in the chamber and you got to be really spot on. It requires research and it requires the right understanding.”

“Your Facebook creative can’t just be a static image like it used to be able to be, it needs to have really good copy it has to hit the value props in 3 lines… your mindset should always be rolling out the red carpet for any one of these Facebook users.”

“The people who are going to buy are going to click anyways. I think it’s more so being smart about how you convey that message or deliver that message.”

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