Chizoba Anyaoha ’13 launches app to make solo travel easier

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Chizoba Anyaoha ’13 (Arts and Sciences, pyschology), has officially launched TravSolo on the App Store this month.  The platform provides solo travelers the tools to create their itinerary on-the-go, meet people, and to bring back home a travel story to share. He has traveled to 25+ countries solo and loves the thrill of spontaneous traveling, stepping foot on every continent, and experiencing every form of jet lag.  Chizoba’s travel advice has been published on Travel + Leisure, Insider Travel, Business Insider, Mic, Hello Giggles, IVY Magazine, AirHelp and more. He is passionate about helping travelers to have the encourage to travel solo, promoting personal travel safety and travel storytelling.  Find his app here.

The LaunchPad enjoys working with alumni, as well as faculty, staff and students, and seeing their ideas come to life.  It was a pleasure to connect with Chizoba over the past year as he built this venture.  Read more about Chizoba Anyaoha and his inspiration for TravSolo here.

Launch press release from TravSolo:

TravSolo is a startup providing travelers the tools to create their itinerary on-the-go and create stories to bring back home with.

TravSolo was born from the idea to make solo travel easier than ever. The founder took time to understand what solo travelers truly wanted – to ultimately have a story to bring back home to tell.  TravSolo wants every solo traveler to be able to plan their trips, meet people, and stay safe – all while sharing memories of your journey on the go, and turning every traveler into a storyteller.

“If you every considered traveling alone, you must have felt uncertain on whether you can actually do it,” said Anyaoha. ” Am I crazy to want to travel alone? How safe would I be? How much planning would I have to do myself?”

Many people want to travel but do not know where or how to start, feel they canʼt do it all by themselves, or are fearful of being alone in a new area. Understanding these needs, Anyaoha created a travel itinerary app to build your itinerary on the go, meet people and turn experiences into video stories to share private or publicly with family and friends.

“Allow your family, friends, and loved ones to follow your journey wherever you go, in real time,” he says.  “Easily create a travel blog, travel diary, or food blog without the hassle. Do yourself a favor and focus on enjoying yourself. Connect with travelers, meet locals and backpackers when youʼre traveling using our travel itinerary app.”

TravSolo has a verification and ratings system to make sure travelers are comfortable meeting new people. It also automatically alerts family, friends and loved ones of a travelers whereabouts as they move from one area o the next on their travel itinerary, without having to text them.

“As a local or someone who relocated to a new city, you can use our app to meet travelers and have a great time together too,” he added.  “TravSolo champions independent travel, promotes diversity abroad and instills the freedom to travel at the beat of your own drum. Traveling alone doesnʼt mean spending your trip alone or that you don’t have friends or family.  It means you stopped waited for people to live your life your way.”

Visit the TravSolo website to download the app here. Contact: