This holiday, give Home in Your Hand

Do you have an old family home that you had to leave behind? Or a pet that you would like to commemorate? Well, now you can create timeless personalized pieces through the home decor online store Home in Your Hand, founded by Quinn King 20′ (VPA Industrial and Interaction Design) 

King, who gained Syracuse fame as co-founder of award-winning MedUX, has spent the pandemic months founding his second start-up, Home In Your Hand. It is launching just in time for holiday giving. Home in Your Hand offers customers the opportunity to personalize pillows, mugs, and posters with a custom design portrait of their home, pets or favorite images.

Home in Your Hand is a website that is embracing the trend of personalization. Users upload their favorite photos and designers create watercolor style portraits or images printed onto mugs, pillows and posters. Customers also can customize product colors, text, and product sizes. In today’s saturated home decor market, personalization is a great way to connect with customers and draw them in, offering unique products for each customer. Home in Your Hand provides the perfect gift for loved ones during the holidays, capturing home and family sentiments through custom designs. 

King recalled coming up with this idea when he noticed a large number of artists offering house portraits online. “I noticed there were hundreds of artists doing this, but no one ever tried to make it into an online brand.” King believes that the future of business is online. He has been studying influencer marketing, Facebook ads, and Google ads as methods of finding new customers online. 

King has already been changing the way we consider infusion treatment with his company MedUX which he co-founded with another LaunchPad alum Alec Gillinder ’20. In an effort to learn more about e-commerce as we enter into our new digital world, King decided to learn like he always has, by doing. “I encourage other entrepreneurs to start learning about e-commerce today! I’ve learned so much from building Home In Your Hand, and I’m already starting to use my new skills to grow MedUX.”

Order a special gift at the holidays while supporting King on his journey into the world of e-commerce. Check out and subscribe to the company newsletter. Follow Home in Your Hand on its beautiful Instagram: @homeinyourhand