Thank you to our LaunchPad Experts for fall 2018 “Launch Hours”

LaunchPad expertsThe Blackstone LaunchPad is powered by volunteer experts who give their time each month for “Ask the Experts Launch Hours” with students.  CPAs (such as the Gardner & Capparelli team of Katelyn Allen, Matt Gardner and Jim Capparelli pictured here back left, with LaunchPad ventures), and other professional service providers, industry experts and mentors have helped our teams advance along the roadmap, and manage risk along the way.

Our heartfelt thanks to our Experts team:  Mike Cartini, SBDC; Stephanie McReynolds, SU Libraries, Grace Connors, SBA; Kathi Durdon, CNY Biotech Accelerator; David Eilers, LaunchNY; Caitlin Moriarity, The Tech Garden; Tammy Rosanio, SyracuseCoE; Molly Zimmerman, Innovation Law Center; Lacey Grummons, NYSSLTC; Jeffrey Shapiro, SCORE; Rina Hart, One Group; Matt Gardner and Jim Capparelli and the entire Gardner & Capparelli team); Ethan Tyo, Digital Alien; Max Matthews. MZM Tech; Sarah Pao, Carrier Corp.; Syeisha Monquesse Byrd, Hendricks Chapel; Lynn Smith, Damon Barclay and Vivek Sureddi, JY Joint, LLC.  A special call out to Dennis Taussig and Tom Nerriano, who served as Entrepreneurs in Residence at the LaunchPad, and have devoted an incredible amount of time and attention to working with our students on product and business model development.  Thanks also, to ouor first LaunchPad Watson Scholar, Kayla Simon, for peer-mentoring our students with our experts.

We are fortunate to have such a talented and dedicated regional innovation team who are part of the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars family at Bird Library.  We appreciate your generosity, sharing your insight as super mentors.