Take Indulo’s survey and help shape the future of on-line shopping

Attila Melegh, founder of Syracuse University student startup Indulo, is doing some customer discovery, and is looking for your help.  His idea to improve the on-line shopping experience came from looking for sunglasses online, and not knowing how they would look or fit. As a result, he decided build a solution. Indulo lets shoppers try on sunglasses and eyeglasses virtually to see how they really look.  He created a prototype, raised initial capital, and has  interest from boutique brands and industry leaders. Now he is looking for customer input. Fill out his survey (link below) and help shape the future of retail. And, as a bonus, you can enter to win a pair of designer frames from Indulo.   Survey Link: https://goo.gl/forms/IGlsyXOPgBORij2F3

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Attila Melegh, from Seattle, is a College of Engineering and Computer Science aerospace major and physics minor.  He is also a student entrepreneur with impressive traction.  He is founder of Indūlo, an augmented reality platform powered by deep learning algorithms, that allows users to try on accessories such as eyewear (and eventually full-body fashion and accessories), to create an interactive experience that simulates the real-world “augmented” by computer-generated perceptual information, sometimes across multiple sensory modalities. 

He recently received a seed investment from the Dorm Room Fund, was part of YC StartupSchool.