Support the New York Business Plan Competition by the Upstate Capital Association of NY

Former SU NYBPC winners

Did you know that more than 1,000 college and graduate students participated in the this year? Did you know that over recent years, Syracuse University students have won $150,000 in critical seed stage funding through this competition to move their ideas ahead on the path from concept to commercialization?  Did you know that Syracuse University students are already preparing for this year’s competition, starting with ‘Cuse Tank, Impact Prize, ACC InVenture Prize, the iPrize and Compete CNY?  Upstate Capital Association of New York is the competition sponsor, fostering investment in this talent pool of New York State university students, and support the across

To learn how you can help support the competition, connect with Noa Simons, executive director of Upstate Capital Association of New York at

Check out the recap video here, and watch for cameos by Syracuse University teams CLLCTVE and PAANI, and clips featuring Kelsey Davis, Ryan Williams, Nikita Chatterjee and Brianna Howard, as well as Molly Zimmerman of the Innovation Law Center at the SU College of Law.

Photo:  Some of the many previous SU winners of the NYBPC