Short film by Zain Elwakil ’21 profiles Outlaws Dance Troupe

Enjoy the next Creative Film Spotlight on the renowned dance troupe, The Outlaws, filmed and produced by the talented Zain Elwakil ‘21 (School of Architecture). It is the next in a short film series featuring performing artists speaking about their journey, and what is at the heart, mind and soul of creatives. 

Elwakil is founder of the Zuluecho Initiative, a platform for ambitious, creative discussion and empowering self-belief.  He is an extremely talented architect, artist, musician, designer and digital creative who combines his passions to inspire others.  He is also an Orange Ambassador for the LaunchPad this year, a role generously funded by Todd B. Rubin ’04, School of Architecture, who is Minister of Evolution and President of the Republic of Tea. In that role, he has been the LaunchPad’s digital storyteller, crafting beautiful work that captures the essence of creative entrepreneurship.

Outlaws Dance Troupe is Syracuse University’s exclusively Hip-Hop dance team. Challenged with how to perform for audiences when live performance is no longer an option due to COVID-19, Outlaws has been hard at work growing their digital platforms, showing that they can do more than just perform on stage. Featured in this film is their debut Instagram Performance of “Wetty”, with more performances lined up before the end of the semester. Check out their Instagram account here to stay up to date on this incredibly talented team. 

Here’s the Outlaws Dance Troupe’s Creative Film Spotlight by Elwakil on YouTube:

Here is the link to the film on the LaunchPad website: