Tech visionary Sai Krishna Bolla G ’23 drives innovation through intellectual and entrepreneurial passion

Sai Krishna Bolla at the LaunchPad’s Startup in a Day competition

Sai Krishna Bolla G ’23 is a serial entrepreneur who has been nominated as one of the Top 50 Tech Visionaries in the World, and is the published author with four books. He is an obsessed learner with 18 different academic degrees and certifications. He is now pursuing a master’s degree in information systems, with a data science major, at Syracuse University’s iSchool. He is also enrolled in a Supply Chain MicroMaster’s program, which upon completion, would make him a semester away from graduating from MIT.  He’s actively working on new venture ideas as a frequent visitor to the LaunchPad where he participated in the recent Startup in A Day competition, as well as the Impact Prize.

He juggles all that with also serving as a research assistant at the iSchool and a technology commercialization research assistant with the New York State Science and Technology Center at the Innovation Law Center at Syracuse’s College of Law.

In short, he has a zest for knowledge, along with a contagious sense of good cheer.

Over the past decade, he has had experience deploying 150+ small to medium-scale tech projects and pursued close to 100 certifications and 18 diplomas in subjects ranging from computer science to business to psychology. He owns and operates eight organizations with thousands of customers in six countries across the globe, for which he was nominated as “Top 50 Tech Visionaries.” He has also published four books and is presently commissioned to write a data science book by a New York state-backed organization.

“I am a small-town boy from a third-world developing country,” he says. “For two-thirds of the time doing above mentioned things, all I had was a $150 computer and access to dial-up internet. The obsessive passion for building better products with a bigger impact – the why – has led me on this journey. Everything I have done to date and am doing now is to realize that vision of building products and processes that could push the human race forward.”

To that end, “I am building my knowledge and expertise at the intersection of business, technology, law, and policy to build privacy-first data-driven products for the future,” he adds.

He was the subject of a recent digital story in the digital version of The New York News. Read the fireside chat with Sai Krishna Bolla – The New York News.