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It’s that time of year again! Hack Upstate XI is right around the corner (April 14th and 15th).  It’s time to:  This is the eleventh installment in a series of weekend hackathons that happen twice a year (i.e., Fall & Spring) in which engineers, developers, designers and innovators from across Upstate New York come to Syracuse, NY, share ideas, form teams and build incredible projects. Oh btw, it’s FREE!

WHO — The Upstate New York Technology Community.

THEME — Open hackathon. Build whatever you want using whatever tools you want.

RULES — No code can be written until 12:30pm Saturday April 14th

WHERE — The Technology Garden, 235 Harrison Street, Syracuse, NY 13202

Note: Teams are allowed to participate virtually, however, they will not be able to demo, and thus, will not be eligible to win prizes.

WHEN — Saturday April 14th and April 15th

SATURDAY April 14th
11am: Doors open
12pm: Idea pitching and team formation
12:30pm: Commence hacking

SUNDAY April 15th
11:59am: Cease hacking
12pm: Demo intro / welcome judges
12:30pm: Demos, pitches and presentations
1:30pm: Awards

Creativity / Novelty (20%)
Wow factor (20%)
Execution (20%)
Informative Demo (20%)
Multidisciplinary product (20%)

OTHER DETAILS — Food and beverages will be provided to participants throughout the event (i.e. lunch, dinner, snacks, etc.)

SPONSORING HACK UPSTATE XI — Help Advance Upstate’s Tech Community — Sponsorships from organizations like yours allow us to offer Hack Upstate to the public for free.

Given how instrumental sponsors are to Hack Upstate, we’ll do everything we can to promote your involvement (i.e., content marketing, email outreach, social media, etc).

Interested in learning more?

Hack Upstate’s mission is to unite and facilitate collaboration among the greater Upstate New York hacker community. In doing so, we aim to contribute to the growth of Upstate New York’s technology sector, and to create a robust network of technologists and regional technology companies. LEARN MORE.

All hackers abide by the Hack Upstate Code of Conduct to maintain an open, friendly and inclusive community, in which Upstate New York’s tech community can adeptly connect, communicate and collaborate. Please read it here.