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Quick Overview

The Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars partnership gives students the hard skills to take ideas from concept to commercialization, and the soft skills they need to become innovators and trailblazers in an entrepreneurial world. 

The goal of the program is to help innovators succeed, and become the next generation of leaders.

From our launch in April 2016, we've seen over 4,365 program participants who are faculty, staff, students and alumni innovators with 780+ venture ideas. We've raised more than $25.2M in investments, with $3.5M won in competitions. Our ventures span over 116 countries, with over 95 ventures incorporated. We're proud of our 50/50 female to male ratio in the LaunchPad, and support all who join.

LaunchPad ventures introduce products across all sectors – from cleantech to medtech, IT/software/SaaS, fintech and business services, digital media, entertainment, consumer electronics, AR and VR, the Internet of Things, AI, blockchain, fashion, food, and across all creative industries including film, animation and video, publishing, music, and content creation.

Quick Stats

Syracuse University Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars quick stats as of June, 2020:

  • The LaunchPad opened its doors just three years ago and has already doubled in size due to demand
  • The LaunchPad serves 4,365 program participants who are faculty, staff, students and alumni innovators
  • LaunchPad participants come from every school and college across campus
  • LaunchPad ventures come from 116 countries
  • LaunchPad ventures are working on more than 780 venture ideas
  • More than 95 LaunchPad ventures have legally incorporated
  • Three LaunchPad ventures have already been acquired
  • LaunchPad ventures have raised over $25.2 million in external investments
  • LaunchPad ventures have won more than $3.5 million in business plan competitions
  • 50% of LaunchPad ventures are led by women in a CEO or other C-Suite role
  • LaunchPad ventures have filed 60 provisional patents, 10 nonprovisional patents and been granted three patents
  • LaunchPad alumni are quickly hired by the world’s leading innovation companies because of their unique skill sets and experiences.

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