One Word: Together. A video by Zain Elwakil ’21

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“Architects have a huge responsibility to the way we experience the world,” says Zain Elwakil ’20, a Syracuse University architect student, designer, storyteller and entrepreneur. His venture, called the Zuluecho Initiative, has become a platform for ambitious, creative discussion and empowering self-belief.  “Wherever your passion lies, whoever you want to be, whatever you want to do, believe in it and go get it,” he says about the project which touches on creativity, entrepreneurship and self-becoming. Elwaki has just produced a powerful video short, inspired by his recent experience as a SU Abroad student in Florence, which is a poignant and inspiring reflection on COVID-19 and human connection.  It is a love letter to Italy and the world.  Beautifully produced, at once haunting and uplifting, it is a much watch and share.  See it here.  Read more about Elwaki in this spotlight profile on the LaunchPad website.

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