Olivia Aguilar ‘22 will change the game for women and exercise

Olivia Aguilar, ‘22, an Economics major and minor in Information Technology, Design and Startups, has taken her passion of working out to a new level. Growing up in Westchester, NY, Olivia spent most of her time engaged in physical activity and sports. While being a team player and fitness enthusiast, she wanted to carry that to her college career. ‘

After her first few months of her college experience, Olivia realized how hard it can be to exercise. She said, “I had no idea how hard it would be to balance classes and keep a consecutive workout routine.” She explained it was easier in high school because she played sports like basketball and volleyball, which permitted her to have designated times during the day.

Olivia was active on campus but discovered an even greater obstacle when the pandemic hit. While at home, and thinking about fitness, she decided to conduct research and the metrics associated with her Apple Watch. Throughout her findings, she was surprised to find her Apple Watch wasn’t as accurate as she had previously known. Now Olivia had the chance to combine her love for fitness and passion for helping women to create both an astonishing network and product to assist the younger generation. Olivia created LivFit.

While combining the knowledge she found on the internet and her personal experiences, she was inspired to create a clothing line that “makes women feel good.” An idea of stylish, comfortable, and feel-good clothing inspired her idea of a sensor for her new product.

The sensor would connect to the inside of an individual’s tank top, via Bluetooth, that would allow for a more accurate reading on vitals. Furthermore, the tops would be machine washable and allow the individuals to remove the sensor for charging convenience. This sensor would replace the need to wear an Apple Watch and produce more accurate results for tracking exercise routines. The sensor would connect to an app on an individual’s phone recording heart rates, blood pressure, activity, minutes, and a summary of the overall workout.

Just when you thought that idea was brilliant enough, there’s more. This app is designed to inspire women to work out, create a positive and friendly environment to motivate women. Uniquely, this app would have features like Facebook in which women can friend each other, send messages, create groups, and meet to exercise. Moreover, members could use the app to find a gym buddy and build relationships in their community. Lastly, the app would create a space for women to positively challenge each other through fitness, exercise and goals. Her idea was to create an environment that motivates women to bolster each other throughout their fitness journey. Olivia said, “working out with someone makes me want to go to the gym” so creating a platform that can permit those opportunities is where her passion lies.

Additionally, a member could sign up for a premium plan that would include weekly workouts and even healthy recipes to support their fitness journey. Olivia believes, “Going to the gym without knowing exactly what workouts to do can be hard. I want women to be confident and provide them with workouts that suit their body.”

Originally Olivia had started her fitness idea with another partner while working on an IDS class project in the fall of 2020. Eventually she decided to continue her brand while creating the sensor simultaneously.

Her target audience includes women between the ages of 25 and 35 and eventually allows for women of younger ages to be included. Her clothing would consist of high-quality material and retail prices like Nike or Lululemon.

With graduation right around the corner, Olivia is excited to start a new chapter of her life. She will be working in Manhattan and continuing the development of LivFit. In the future she hopes to recruit college ambassadors for pop-ups on campuses to promote her product and mission. Additionally, she is seeking for a team to bolster other sectors such as legal and financial responsibilities to expand her network.

Olivia’s positive attitude and outlook for herself and her community will lead her entrepreneurial success. Her mission is to support the women of our generation and create a healthier environment which will make our world a better place.