Noah Mechnig-Giordano is brewing innovation in the loose leaf tea industry

Noah Mechnig-Giordano spent most of his life in Switzerland and Germany and has only lived in the U.S. for six years.  Noah is in the middle of a five-year combined computer science bachelors and MBA program. In his free time, Noah can be found streaming video game content on Twitch.  He also works as a cyber security analyst in Indiana, and market research strategist in Italy. 

Noah’s interest in the evolution of technology has deeply impacted his drive to create and counter some of the dangers of technology.  His interest and expertise in cybersecurity stems from his realization of the fast-paced advancement of cybercrime. 

Noah’s superpower as an entrepreneur is the ability to transform his realization of an issue into a drive to innovate.  Noah’s drive comes from his desire to “simply not work for someone else.”

Over the past few months, Noah has launched the Happy Loose Leaf company. As founder and CEO, his goal for the company is to be “a part of the progression forward” in the tea industry.

Noah’s creation is a tea brewing device that automatically controls the inflow and outflow of water once the tea is brewed. It is essentially a tea ball that automatically stops brewing tea and encloses itself as opposed to setting a timer to remember to take it out. Ultimately the purpose is to help encourage people to drink tea and to give up coffee and energy drinks that have been proven to have negative health effects. By making an accessible and efficient tool, he wants to help grow the loose-leaf tea industry.

After an extensive patent search, Noah has completed the process to become patent pending. Furthermore, the Happy Loose Leaf Tea company is now a C corporation.  He worked through the LaunchPad to secure Innovation Fund grants to help with these steps.  In only a few months Noah was able to accomplish so much which he accredits to taking advantage of the resources around him to “just get started.”

He has been competing in LaunchPad sponsored campus business plan competitions and in the future, Noah hopes to grow into a dominant force in the loose-leaf tea industry, expanding his reach through the creation of more tea accessories and products. 

Noah advises aspiring innovators to innovate with the intention to benefit others. It is easy to create for the fun of it, however with Noah’s tea brewing device it is intended for greater good which is the promotion of healthy choices.

Story by LaunchPad Zaccai Foundation Fellow Samba Soumare ’24