Looking for a job? Build a career in the startup world.

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Getting ready for graduation?  Actively looking for a career, but don’t want to give up the startup life?  Here’s a great solution.  More than 1,750 Techstars ventures currently have over 3,000 job openings at amazing, dynamic companies you’ll love to work for.  These are all businesses that have gone through acclaimed Techstars accelerator programs around the world, and are now hiring and scaling.  They are looking for varied skills, as well as a startup mindset.  That could be you.  Leverage your personal experience as part of the Syracuse University innovation ecosystem with the power of the Techstars network to build a career by exploring:   https://jobs.techstars.com/  To get started, simply share your professional and personal aspirations to get discovered by any company in the network, with opportunities relevant to your career goals.  Here is the link to get discovered:  https://jobs.techstars.com/join-our-talent-network/professional-background

Techstars also has career openings so check out job openings at Techstars, as well as openings with portfolio companies.  Be part of a team of dreamers and doers.

The Techstars culture is that work is more than just a job. It’s a chance to share your passions with like-minded collaborators around the world.  Techstars team members give first, while creatively solving the world’s biggest problems.

Does that sound like you?  Start exploring now.  https://www.techstars.com/careers