Light Group is building future leaders through impact entrepreneurship

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Ever wondered where you can find the talent of the future generations? The Light Group showcases exactly this as an innovative nonprofit organization, built by students for students.  The group connects students with policymakers, entrepreneurs, and other leaders in society during their formative years. Placing personal growth center stage, it is creating a community that will foster long-lasting change. 

The students forming the Light Group team range from 34 universities from around the world spanning 24 countries and 4 continents.  It has a group here at Syracuse University led by Brandon Henry a content creator and mentor at the LaunchPad. (Read more about Brandon and his LaunchPad and Light Group engagement here.)

Light Group helps students build character and lead with integrity. Birthed during the pandemic, it grasped the opportunity to bring a generation together beyond the physical space. The bedrock of its  work is rooted in the membership of future leaders from top universities all across the globe.

Indeed, the fruits of the journey begin by taking the shape of a growing community of serial academics, partnered professionals, and highly motivated individuals. Mentors who oversee projects take on roles that extend from financial analysts at Blackstone to project engineers at Tesla.

By enabling this collaborative ecosystem, it is creating a community that connects the experience and intellect of mentors with the enthusiasm and eagerness of its students, working in tandem with sponsors to leave an indelible impact on the world. The emerging generation has realized they are the curators of their fate and hold an opportunity they are the first to test: they are children of the digital age. 

The first two Light Group departments are Capital Management and Scientific Analytics, where the directors explore the bounds of the associate’s interests and ambitions through a series of projects.

 The following two other departments are the Environmental Sustainability and Social Development Departments, revitalizing society through the endeavors of the associates and mentors.

Additionally, The Light Group Art Foundation founded by one of its associates Jacob Black is an extension of efforts to highlight some of the important artworks through human history by working with institutions affiliated with it such as the Barnes Foundation.  The Light Group creative ethos promotes the symbiosis between art and technology. By interconnecting such disciplines, the Light Group provides a holistic and inspiring understanding of the world surrounding us, equipping youth with the best tools to change it.

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Founder Eyoel Kass-Darge

The founder Eyoel Kassa-Darge is looking to expand its reach to other LaunchPads in the global network to attract more students with unique skill sets, along with the ambition to grow our sponsoring network and secure our support system.

As Tim Ville, one of Light Group’s leaders says, “As I was interviewing candidates for The Light Group, I came across a unique and diverse group of candidates from all across the world. What struck me, however, was the consistency between candidates that animated the same zest for learning, their avid desire to immerse themselves into new projects, and the desire to polish their already-prolific skill sets. Indeed, our adept members of the organization are invigorated and provided with the tools necessary to facilitate their journey to making their mark.”

Through a platform that encompasses all types of disciplines and caters to a relentless curiosity, by joining the Light Group you will be joining a global community thirsty for knowledge, and eager for a better world.  To learn more, feel free to reach out to Brandon Henry ’24, a Maxwell student who is a Launchstar team member at Syracuse’s Blackstone LaunchPad.  You can reach him at

Story by Brandon Henry, Eyoel Kassa,Laura Dere, and Timothee Ville