LaunchPad impact

LaunchPad Global Fellows

2018 was a very dynamic year at the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at Syracuse University.  The stats are in, and here are some highlights.  Thanks to our outreach team of Blackstone LaunchPad Global Fellows who helped drive these success metrics.

Program participation:

  • 3,203 program participants learning about innovation since opening
  • 4,300 people attended Blackstone LaunchPad sponsored events in 2018
  • 50/50 male/female ratio, with a high ratio of female founders
  • 91 countries represented
  • Program participants from every school and college across campus
  • Both for-profit and non-profit/impact ventures

Ideation and venture development:

  • 494 venture ideas
  • 55 incorporated companies

Funds raised:

  • LaunchPad ventures have raised $6.8 million in outside investment
  • LaunchPad ventures have won $1.75 million in business plan competitions

Innovation and invention:

  • 30 Provisional patents filed through Invent@SU
  • 7 Nonprovisional patents filed
  • 3 patents approved

Bragging rights:

LaunchPad ventures have won:

  • NYS Business Plan Competition
  • 43North
  • Blackstone LaunchPad – Techstars Demo Day global champion
  • NYS Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards
  • NYS Fuze Hub
  • Genius NY
  • Grants for Growth

… as well as numerous campus business plan competitions

We want to grow those numbers even more.  You don’t need to have an idea to participate in the LaunchPad.  Yes, we help create investment-ready startups, but more importantly, we create market-ready talent that leading innovation companies want to hire.  You can build portfolio work, meet other like-minded innovators and creatives, and distinguish yourself from other applicants to the most cutting-edge companies in the world.  This is one more way to build an impressive resume and demonstrate that you have acquired innovation skills for an entrepreneurial world.

Come by and say hello, and give us a spin this spring.  Chat with one of our Blackstone Global Fellows and learn how you can get involved.  Or simply e-mail us: to become a member