The LaunchPad is excited to announce that our community has expanded virtually to Discord

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Easy to use and navigate new LaunchPad SU Discord chat platform

The LaunchPad team has been busy this summer creating new tools to keep Syracuse University’s innovation community connected in a virtual world.  Led by Nick Barba ’20, Patrick Prioletti G’21 and Emma Rothman ’21, the team created a new platform for campus entrepreneurs to communicate over voice, video, and text, connect with peer mentors, get advice, organize events or just hang out with fellow like-minded innovators using Discord.  It’s Slack meets Zoom with a pinch of Reddit, all in one place, curated on LaunchPad Discord.  This is your invite to join the community.  Start by joining the LaunchPad here and then hop on LaunchPad Discord here.

For those not familiar with Discord, it is a freeware instant messaging, VoIP application and digital software platform that features integrated text, image, video and audio communication that a chat channel that can run on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and in web browsers.  More than 250 million people are currently on the platform.  While it was originally launched in 2011 for the gaming community, it rapidly evolved away from gamers in the pandemic era into a broader community-based platform serving education, businesses and other sectors, while adopting a new brand message, “Your place to talk.”

“LaunchPad Discord will attempt to replicate beloved features of the LaunchPad from your own couch,” says Rothman.  “On LaunchPad Discord, we will be able to virtually sit at the big table together, using the video, voice and text features, passionately chatting about exciting news and innovations in the personalized text discussion rooms and request a mentor all on the same platform.”  

The LaunchPad Discord channel is organized by six categories: ?ONBOARDING, ?JOIN THE LAUNCHPAD, ? ANNOUNCEMENTS, ? COMMUNITY SPACE, ? DISCUSSION ROOMS AND ? MENTOR NETWORK. Under each of these categories, there are voice and text channels. The text channels mirror Slack where you can message and interact with individuals subscribed to that specific channel. The voice and text channels not only allow you interact with the community; but also have a video and screen sharing feature likes Zoom. If you are looking to collaborate with others, using the voice and text channels in one of the seven community spaces is a great way to work with your group or to see what the other members of the LaunchPad are up.

Another notable feature that all members of our community are encouraged to check on the LaunchPad SU Discord server is the, ? Announcements channel. On this channel important information concerning events and important reminders are going to be posted.

Nick Barba ‘20 who is working for the LaunchPad as an independent program manager, is helping spearhead the new Discord platform. “Although there is mounting uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the LaunchPad wants to ensure to our community that we are still open, and now have a sure way to stay connected no matter where you are.”

Click here to get started on using Discord. Click here to learn how to join our Server.

Story by LaunchPad Rubin Family Innovation Mentor Emma Rothman