Introducing the LaunchPad Creative Spotlight Film Series

We are pleased to introduce a new feature in this issue — the LaunchPad Creative Spotlight Film Series.  The first short film in the series, filmed and produced by Zain Elwakil ’21 School of Architecture for the LaunchPad, features Allie Westbrook, a singer/songwriter/producer who graduated from Syracuse University in the Spring of 2020 as a Sound Recording Technology Major, and has returned this fall to pursue a graduate degree in Audio Arts. Allie speaks about her journey as an artist and showcases a song she’s been working on called “Flowers in the Attic.”  See the video here. The profile is visually stunning, acoustically rich, and artfully captures the heart, mind and soul of a creative artist and entrepreneur.  Elwakil is founder of a movement called the Zuluecho Initiative, a platform for ambitious, creative discussion and empowering self-belief.  Watch for more of his work this year.  He is an extremely talented architect, artist, musician, designer and digital who combines his passions to inspire others 

Elwakil is an Orange Ambassador for the LaunchPad this year, a role generously funded by Todd B. Rubin ’04, School of Architecture, who is Minister of Evolution and President of the Republic of Tea.