Join Kelvin Davis, CNN vice president of sales, to kick off the LaunchPad’s Toolkit Tuesday series

Kelvin Davis

Join us 5:30 – 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, September 10, for our kickoff  Toolkit Tuesday session, hosted by the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at SU Libraries.  Toolkit sessions will be held every other Tuesday in the LaunchPad, first floor, Bird Library.  They are open to the community, free of charge.  Featured kick-off speaker is Kelvin Davis,  Vice President of Sales & Affiliate Relations at CNN Newsource Sales, where he is responsible for creating and maintaining key partnerships between CNN and broadcasting partners and affiliates.  CNN Newsource is North America’s most widely-distributed syndicated news service that caters to broadcast television/radio, print, and digital news makers. With accomplishments spanning over 25 years in the broadcast and news industry, Davis is responsible for negotiating CNN News Services contracts with affiliated partners.  He will be talking about how to build a sales strategy for success.

Toolkit Series are small group sessions with professional service providers or industry experts, who can help innovators and entrepreneurs learn tools they need to launch and scale a venture.  Topics range from legal, to accounting, taxes, HR. IP, marketing and branding, sales strategy, gearing up to talk to investors, financing, and more.

To see the complete line-up of Toolkit sessions for the 2019-202 academic year, vist