Justin Gluska ’23 publishes ChatGPT Promptbook, hosts authors talk luncheon in the LaunchPad on February 8

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Justin Gluska ’23

Justin Gluska ’23 (College of Engineering and Computer Science), LaunchPad digital innovation team specialist, LaunchPad webmaster and Posse Scholar, has just published his first book, “The ChatGPT Promptbook.” He will be giving an author’s talk about researching, creating, and promoting engaging content with ChatGPT on Wednesday, February 8 at noon at the LaunchPad in Bird Library.

The Blackstone LaunchPad has just acquired the book as part of its innovation and entrepreneurship collection at Bird Library. It can also be purchased on-line here.

“ChatGPT revolutionary technology is here to help people across the globe streamline their workflows, improve productivity, and generate new opportunities for success,” says Gluska. “Whether you’re an entrepreneur, small business owner, teacher, software engineer, digital marketer, student, or content creator, this book will provide you with creative techniques and examples you need to unlock the full potential of ChatGPT. With 52 real-world examples and actionable techniques, you’ll be able to start using ChatGPT to improve productivity in no time.”

The book explores how to use ChatGPT to create new opportunities, save time, and supercharge your ideas across a number of applications for personal life and business. Featured categories include:

  • Creative Writing
  • Academia and Education
  • Planning and Assistance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • General Business
  • Career Development
  • Coding and Software Development
  • Technical Debugging
  • Entertainment and Lifestyle
  • General Language
  • Music + Song Lyrics
  • Health and Food

Gluska is a well-known website blogger and founder of Gold Penguin, a Miami, Florida-based digital marketing agency. He has leveraged online tools and software to create his own business and decided to author a book to share useful AI tools he has used.

“From ChatGPT to tiny SaaS tools, there are so many new products popping up that anyone can use to optimize their work and personal tasks,” he says. “You don’t have to be a programmer to benefit from ChatGPT. You can be an educator, marketer, student, historian, or digital content creator operating from anywhere.”  

 ChatGPT acts as a conversational chatbot filled with helpful knowledge. Users find it handy for applications as far ranging as from asking life advice to debugging broken code. Gluska’s book explores examples of those uses. It also provides real life examples, including prompts and responses. He suggests that readers pay key attention to how things are being asked: In what order, with what verbiage, and in what requested tone because those variations in prompts result in variations around answers. This book helps readers to better develop prompt engineering skills to produce the most effective results.

“I’ve been using ChatGPT since the day it was released and truly believe our society is on the brink of the next technological breakthrough which will be the Artificial Intelligence revolution.”

The event is open to anyone in the Syracuse University community interested in learning more about ChatGPT. It is free of charge and pizza will be served. To help with planning, or request a link to the recorded session, please e-mail LaunchPad@syr.edu