Jules Moskowitz ’21 creates a successful fashion business in quarantine

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For a lot of people, the pandemic was a time to completely unwind, grab a bag of popcorn and watch endless amounts of Netflix. Jules Moskowitz, a senior studying advertising with a minor in sociology, decided to do what many others didn’t, take initiative. Noticing a popular fashion trend, Moskowitz realized she could create a business around the collar under sweatshirt look that has been popular for the past year. She says, “I’ve always loved street style and have wanted to create my own fashion line.” So, she started her company, Unfolded, from her personal quarantine at her home in Essex, New Jersey.

Unfolded Shop is an e-commerce store offering high-quality, unique items.  The collar allows people to create a new look with items already in their wardrobe. Unfolded has the ability to transform and outfit by adding a timeless touch. No matter your age, job, or lifestyle, Unfolded suits everyone.

“It started out as really a trial-and-error experience,” Moskowitz says, “I started out trying on rugby shirts under sweatshirts and figuring out what fits the best.” Her persistent experimentation led her to create multiple prototypes. “It took three to four times to finally get it right.”

After a lot of prototyping and figuring out what would work best, Moskowitz released her product for the world to see. When she first started, she had 18 sales and around 200 followers on Instagram, but little did she know how her company would explode. After connecting with an influencer on TikTok, Moskowitz’s Unfolded collar was included on a TikTok that racked up 1.4 million views. “We sold out that night,” she says, “I received 700 emails from customers on when my products would get restocked and if they could get a special order. I even received orders from Italy and Australia.”

Having never taken a marketing or entrepreneurship course in her life, Moskowitz was a little overwhelmed with the massive number of orders. She says, “I needed to fulfill tons of orders and I didn’t know how to work the logistics as well as keep in contact with people in Asia and New York while still being a full-time student.” She credits her mom for helping her with shipping and packaging as well as her LaunchPad Rubin Family Innovation Mentor, James LePage, for helping with all the logistics, as well as the website’s backend technology and analytics. 

When asked about why she thinks Unfolded grew to the level it is at now, Moskowitz says, “I think people resonate with the hard work and effort put into the product and its design. People are willing to buy new things if the clothing is comfortable and versatile.”

She notes that the collared shirt under a sweatshirt is usually a “bulky look” but with her fitted product, it gives customers a sleeker, yet comfortable feel. 

Looking forward, Moskowitz would love to continue working on Unfolded and see where she can go with it or work for an influencer in the fashion industry.

Check out Unfolded website for more information about a truly unique and captivating fashion product.

Instagram product photo:

photo of a sweatshirt with a collar shirt underneath

Story by Jack Lyons ‘22, LaunchPad Global Fellow; photos and graphics supplied