Joshua E. Reid to lead Toolkit workshop on Conflict Resolution February 18 at the LaunchPad

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Joshua E. Reid, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY, U.S. Army, and Student Leaders Director of the Syracuse Office of Diversity and Inclusion, will lead a Toolkit workshop on February 18 at 6 p.m. in the LaunchPad.  He is a junior in the Cybersecurity Administration program at University College, with skills and experience in negotiation to resolve conflict and produce a solution that all parties can agree to.  Skillful conflict resolution is an ability to work quickly to reach an agreement, while improving the relationships between the parties in conflict.  It requires, diplomacy, mediation and empathetic listening.  Conflict is natural in all organizations, but it can be especially prevalent in startups as founders or team members can disagree on roles, strategy, governance, and other important topics.  Conflict is sometimes also necessary to make progress, if it is handled skillfully and proactively. 

Conflict resolution requires an understanding of an opponent’s point of view, perspective and motivations.  Making peace with opponents can also help create allies and resources, as well as smoother relationships. Conflict is worth solving because it saps time, energy, reputation and motivation.

Come hear Reid talk about paths to resolving conflict.  He was recently selected via a competitive application process to attend the Student Veterans of America (SVA) National Conference in Los Angeles this week along with 20 other Syracuse University veteran and military-connected students. He is also an entrepreneur.  We are so pleased that he will join us to share his thoughts, both from his military and entrepreneurial experiences.