Join successful entrepreneur and investor Corey Lieblein ’93 for a Founder’s Chat Friday, February 18 in the LaunchPad

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Join Corey Lieblein ’93, Founder and CEO of CP8  Capital, for a Founder’s Chat over an informal pizza luncheon at noon on Friday, February 18 at the LaunchPad in Bird Library.  Corey has spent his career as an entrepreneur in consumer products and now brings his unique skill set of sales, marketing, product development, and negotiations to CP8  Capital, a dynamic, extreme value-add private equity firm that focuses on acquiring and growing early-stage companies and helping them scale. He will be in the LaunchPad in person this Friday and looks forward to meeting with student founders.

CPCapital’s mission is to help founders realize their personal and financial dreams by scaling sales and profits exponentially. Unlike the way traditional private equity operates, the firm partners directly with founders and provide vast amounts of value-added resources including over 50 of North America’s most talented salespeople, product development experts, and an international supply chain.

Prior to CPCapital, he founded Innovative Technology / Victrola in 2004 and served as CEO for 16 years, overseeing Victrola’s growth from concept to the worldwide market leader in record players and nostalgic electronics. During that time, Corey built Innovative Technology / Victrola into a nationally recognized brand whose products have found their way into tens of millions of homes throughout North America.  

Corey has a deep passion for entrepreneurship, product development and sales. He loves working with early-stage entrepreneurs to help them scale from obscurity to national recognition. He will be joined the LaunchPad team this past year as an Entrepreneur in Residence, and looks forward to working with high-value fast-growth ventures.

He will be chatting informally on ways in which innovators are standing at the leading edge of developing products, services and technologies that will redefine how we live, work, and interact, and literally create a new future. “I believe we are entering an unprecedented period of opportunity that is as big as the introduction of the Internet, of smart phones, and other technologies that have redefined the world,” he says.  “There is a massive opportunity right now to invent and re-invent, and shape the next generation of the future.” For those who are positioned for it, there will be “the opportunity of a generation” in the next ten years to launch profitable ventures at the scale of previous game-changing technologies, products, and services.

He believes that the current generation is the one to make this happen.  “I am personally excited about the future as an investor, and want to share my vision with those poised to innovate. Investors are actively looking for big ideas, and they are coming out of startups and early stage companies who have a clear sense of where to find opportunity, especially in this time of crisis and challenge.”