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Starting this week, we’ll be introducing a new weekly article about startups looking for team members.  As our ventures are growing, they need specialized skills sets and team members with a love for innovation and creativity.  If you are a founder looking for team members, or if you are an innovator or creative who would like to join a startup team, stop by the LaunchPad, first floor of Bird Library.  Keep reading for some of this week’s startup opportunities.

Visos (enterprise VR) — contact

  • UX/UI
  • Software developer
  • Marketing
  • Filmmaker / animator /VR  visual artist

MedUX (mobile IV infusion delivery system) — contact or

  • Database developer
  • Customer outreach and sales

PAANI (clean water filtration system) — contact

  • Chemical / environmental engineer
  • Social media and content creator

Rypple (turn memories and messages into treasured stories to share) — contact

  • UX/UI
  • Marketing

Fiat Finance (an alternative financing approach to student debt) — contact

  • Risk management
  • Software developer

Thinc-hub (a collaborative software for startups) — contact

  • Software security
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design

EDGEModular (a new approach to multi-unit housing) — contact

  • Data scientist
  • Developer
  • Architect

If you a startup looking for team members, drop us a line at and include the name of your venture, a brief description, contact info, and the team roles you are looking to fill.

If you are someone who would like to join a team, add your resume to the orange folders out front of the LaunchPad.  They are a great way to connect and be discovered.

Photo:  Grocerize team from Startup Weekend