Pan Global Challenge is a highlight of Global Entrepreneurship Week at SU

Decorative GraphicJoin PanGEA and the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars at Syracuse University for an innovation challenge celebrating Global Entrepreneurship Week.

With a growing number of international students, Syracuse University now hosts about 4,000 students from more than 130 countries — which is more than 20 percent of the total student body. As the number of international student increases, cultural and language barriers between domestic and international students can lead to stereotypes.

The Pan Global Challenge is a call to help bridge those challenges, with a focus on the theme “Language” and how to collaborate. Students will be invited to form teams to tackle language barriers, and devise innovative solutions that could be products, services or technologies that lead to better communication and global collaboration. Judges will be international faculty members and business leaders who are global thinkers. Prizes will be awarded to the top three teams.

The kick-off event on November 14 from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Blackstone LaunchPad will help frame the challenge, and feature prominent speakers. It will also include free food at a reception.

Students will be randomly assigned to teams of three or four who will collaborate and ideate to come up with a solution to solve language barrier issues. They can work in three categories: Product; Service; Technology.

The final deliverable can be either a five minute pitch, or a three minute video, due on November 30.  Prizes will be awarded to the top three solutions at a pitch competition at 2 p.m. at the Blackstone LaunchPad, with distinguished judges.

PanGEA, the Pan Global Entrepreneurs Association, was created by Dong Hyeok Lee ’20, and Lawrence Lin ’18.  Lin, a Maxwell alum from Beijing, was a founding member of the Blackstone LaunchPad at Syracuse University, and the first Blackstone LaunchPad Global Fellow. Lee, a VPA Industrial and Interaction Design student originally from Korea, is an entrepreneur working out of the LaunchPad, and a current Blackstone LaunchPad Global Fellow.  PanGEA is an entrepreneurship group that is global in scale. Its mission is to educate and support students in becoming global leaders, as well as global entrepreneurs. Members learn how to work and communicate with people from different backgrounds, creating more cultural awareness.

Entrepreneurship is a positive force that drives innovation, and improves lives in communities, cities and countries alike. Anyone, anywhere should be able to realize their dream and pursue their dream. One of GEW’s 2018 themes is inclusion which highlights the work startup champions are doing around the world to minimize barriers and obstacles for entrepreneurs by maximizing opportunities for all students.

PanGEA is pleased to be a sponsor of Global Entrepreneurship Week with the Blackstone LaunchPad.

Register here for the Pan Global Challenge.