Join Marcus Cook ’19, founder of The Success Bug, on October 15 for a LaunchPad Startup Social

Young man wearing a suit jacket in front of a brick wall

The well-planned life is not always the best path success. The hallmark of true personal success can actually be making a pivot. Marcus Cook ’19, a Whitman School of Management grad, exemplifies the power of knowing when to change direction and chart a smarter course that will lead to happiness and financial success. He’ll be talking about how he used his innate entrepreneurial skills to seize opportunity and launch The Success Bug, a fast-growing multi-media platform. The company excels at digital storytelling, blogging, growth marketing, social media strategy, SEO optimization, and business consulting. The journey, and the team he built, is a great story. Join us October 15 at 3 p.m. in the LaunchPad for a casual conversation over pizza, and learn how Cook built a platform with impressive monthly recurring revenue that gave him freedom, flexibility, and financial success. Learn how to effectively develop content strategy to create a venture, drive product growth, expand audience engagement, increase recurring sales, and achieve personal satisfaction and success.