Innovation and collaboration space now open in the new Faculty Commons in Bird Library

SU Libraries is establishing a new Faculty Commons in Bird Library for faculty use for research and collaborative projects or meetings. Located on the fifth floor in Bird Library (room 548), this 5,000-square-foot space is being outfitted to be available exclusively to faculty to gather, work and meet. It is next door to the Center for Teaching and Learning Excellence (Room 550 in Bird Library).  The Faculty Commons is set up with temporary furniture for the spring semester with the goal of  giving faculty an opportunity to offer feedback on the room layout through March 4.  

Faculty can access the space by swiping their RFID enabled ID card.

The new space will open as a fully outfitted Faculty Commons in the summer but is equipped with temporary furniture and some equipment for initial use this semester.  SU Libraries encourages faculty to take full advantage of this dedicated space, which includes meeting rooms and individual workspaces.