Hunter's Fund

A program of Hunter Watson Memorial Fund

The love his family and friends had for Hunter as well as the pain they felt after his death inspired them to start Hunter’s Fund. They hoped to use this organization to celebrate Hunter’s life and interests and give back to other young people. The Fund gives grants to young individuals in the performing arts, music, computer science, and entrepreneurship- the areas that inspired Hunter daily. The fund also actively works to raise awareness about distracted driving to ensure that other young drivers are safe behind the wheel. You can learn more about the fund, how to help the cause, and Hunter at the Hunter Brooks Watson website.

HBW Award

Each year at the Syracuse University Raymond von Dran iPrize undergraduate and graduate students compete for one of four $2,500 prizes. Winners are chosen by members of Hunter’s Fund in recognition of their embodiment of “the spirit of entrepreneurship.” To learn more about past winners, visit the Hunter Brooks Watson website.

HBW Scholar

Being a Hunter Brooks Watson Scholar means getting to know Hunter and having the opportunity to embody Hunter through his entrepreneurial spirit. The yearly scholarship is given to a student who exemplifies Hunter’s same passion for entrepreneurship. The scholarship is modeled after the Syracuse Remem­brance Scholar program. Students are selected by a university panel. To learn more about past scholars visit the Hunter Brooks Watson website.
Hunter Brooks Watson outside wearing a jacket smiling

Learn more about Hunter

Hunter Brooks Watson was a Syracuse University iSchool student who passed away in June of 2016 in a distracted driving accident. Hunter had a diverse set of interests and hobbies. The smile and energy he carried with him couldn’t be ignored and was always felt by those who surrounded him. Hunter had a love for sports, his family and friends, and music- starting his first band, Black Out, at age 10. His “go get them” attitude mixed with his love of music inspired him to work with local nightclubs to host teen-only nights that he would manage and promote. Before the accident, Hunter had even begun working on his own tech company.

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