Syracuse University Hult Prize applications now open

This year, you could have the opportunity to travel across the world, present your ideas to the United Nations and win $1 million to fund your impact venture.  Applications opened on October 1 for the Syracuse University campus Hult Prize, a global social entrepreneurship competition through the Hult Foundation with the United Nations. The LaunchPad coordinates the campus competition which is the qualifier for the global competition. Applications for the Syracuse event are now open through November 22.  Apply here and load your application materials here. Past LaunchPad Syracuse teams have gone on to global regionals in Boston, Toronto and San Francisco.

What is the Hult Prize?

The Hult Prize is an international business competition focused on sustainable solutions to pressing global problems. Each year, the Hult Prize Foundation chooses a social problem for competitors to focus on- past competitions have included the refugee crisis, environment and sustainability, and accessible transportation. The challenge this year? Food for Good.

In the fall, thousands of colleges across the world hold on-campus competitions where students create businesses to tackle the Hult Challenge in some way. Winners go on to regional competitions across the world, and winnners of the regional competition get to participate in a global accelerater in London for a week and have the opportunity to present in front of the United Nations and win $1 million in funding towards their company/

What’s the challenge this year?

Food for Good, this year’s challenge, focuses on business that tackle a global food-related problem. This could be anything from the global food supply chain, ethical farming practices, exploitation of agricultural workers, access to nutritious food – it’s up to you! Your only job is to make sure your business solves a problem on a global level and can scale up to ten million people.

When is the competition?

Syracuse’s campus competition is being held on December 4, in an online format. Our judges are experienced food entrepreneurs, innovative business professionals, and so much more. The regional competitions will be happening in the spring semester, yet to be announced at a later date.  Learn more about our competition and sign up here.

Why should I compete in the Hult Prize?

You have talent and power. You have unique vision and potential to change the world. By signing up for the Hult Prize- you’re not only doing so much for yourself and your career growth through the business connections you’ll make, the professional skills you’ll develop, and the enriching entrepreneurial network you’ll grow ‑ you’re helping contribute to a better world where your ideas genuinely have the power to make a positive difference.

How do I sign up?

Sign up for the Hult Prize here and load your application materials here before they close on November 22! Once you’re signed up, we can match you with mentors who can assist you in perfecting your business model and presenting a surefire pitch.  If you have any questions, email LaunchPad Global Fellow Claire Howard who is the Syracuse University Hult Prize campus ambassador:

The LaunchPad looks forward to supporting you and guiding you every step of the way to the Hult Prize as you convey your ideas into an impact venture that can help build a better world.

Story by LaunchPad Global Fellow Claire Howard ‘23