Introducing the Graduate Fund

SU graduates

Recent SU graduates, and members of the Blackstone LaunchPad Founders Circle, are encouraged to connect with us on how to utilize an approachable source of capital for recent grads and first time founders.  The Graduate Fund, based in the San Francisco area, is a group of founders and product managers who know how to navigate the world of early stage startups and venture funding. The group is partnering with First Round to provide a way for recent grads to get started and have a friend who can help them work through the early days of their startup and fundraising.

The Graduate Fund team are early founders and product managers at successful tech companies who strive to make raising simple and as low friction as possible. As a group, the team has raised early funding, and has a strong network in the Valley.  Graduate Fund is backed by First Round. Partners are open to independently investing as well.

The best way to start a conversation with the group is to reach out through your network, but if you do not have mutual connection, email them directly at, and the team will do its best to respond.  Learn more at:

This new fund compliments the LaunchPad’s relationship with Dorm Room Fund, also funded through First Round, which has funded three Syracuse University student startups:  PowerSpike, WAYV and Indulo.