Celebrating, women, youth, inclusion and connected ecosystems around the world

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With 10 days to go, Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) 2018 at Syracuse University will highlight four themes as part of the 170 country celebration — women, youth and inclusion in entrepreneurship, and connecting innovators and ecosystems from around the world.  Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars, part of SU Libraries, is coordinating a lineup of campus and community events with innovation ecosystem partners focusing on these four compelling themes.

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 11-18, organizers from around the world will mobilize their networks to join the celebration. Each year, nearly 10 million people participate in 39,000 simultaneous events over the course of the week.  Global Entrepreneurship Week at Syracuse University is an opportunity to showcase the rich, connected ecosystem on campus, and to connect with local and global resource partners.  The LaunchPad will use the four themes to highlight powerful voices and innovators who promote, encourage and support the development of entrepreneurs within each of these four spaces.

All events are open to the entire campus community:  Follow activities, and learn more on our social media:

Facebook:  LaunchPadSYR

Twitter:  @LaunchPadSYR

News page:  https://launchpad.syr.edu/news 

GEW WOMEN — As communities and countries increasingly encourage entrepreneurs, women can be a catalyst for large-scale economic growth. Studies show that accelerating the rates of female entrepreneurship could have the same positive effect that the entry of women into the labor force had during the 20th century.  GEW Women celebrates female entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders, investors and other startup champions, while offering opportunities to expand their networks, identify resources and share knowledge with other women around the world.

GEW YOUTH — Young people are often unable to secure a job, creating both a need and opportunity to use entrepreneurship as a path to economic freedom.  Programs that help them start and scale new businesses, not only change lives but also contribute to communities and countries through job creation and economic renewal. GEW Youth celebrates and shapes the next generation of innovators, and raises awareness of the importance of entrepreneurship education and the teaching of innovation skills.

GEW INCLUSION — Entrepreneurship is a positive force that drives innovation, creates wealth and improves lives in communities, cities and countries alike. But not everyone has the same opportunity. Race, age, gender, or different capabilities should not be an obstacle to entrepreneurship. Anyone, anywhere should be able to realize their dream and start a business quickly, inexpensively, and without barriers.  GEW Inclusion will highlight the work startup champions are doing around the world to minimize barriers and obstacles for entrepreneurs by maximizing inclusion. Syracuse University values diversity and seeks to promote equal access to educational opportunities for all students, engaging the university community to empower students, enhance equity and provide a platform for innovation and inclusion.

GEW ECOSYSTEM CONNECT — The Global Entrepreneurship Network and other entrepreneurship support organizations around the world like the Blackstone LaunchPad powered by Techstars facilitate collaboration and partnership between startup ecosystems,  Sharing knowledge and connecting local ecosystems with global resources, and bringing different cultural perspective together, is at the heart of building healthy and thriving entrepreneurial communities.  GEW Ecosystem Connect aims to inspire communities to bring innovators from across countries and many countries together to share their perspectives, networks and markets to help rising startups thrive. This theme celebrates the shared challenges and triumphs of innovators from around the world.

Follow the conversations online by using the official Global Entrepreneurship Week hashtag — #GEW2018.