Geena Matuson G ’19 spotlighted by NextGen

Picture of Geena Matuson

Geena Matuson ‘G 19, (Newhouse Goldring Arts Journalism) was featured recently in spotlights by NextGen, a network that empowers entrepreneurs to design the lives they want to live and achieve their purpose. Entrepreneurs have leveraged Next Gen resources to raise venture capital funding, get featured in major media outlets, access mentorship, foster powerful new friendships, and much more.  The robust digital platform includes articles, webinars, entrepreneur spotlights and more.  Next Gen HQ events bring together leading entrepreneurs to experience inspirational programming, mentorship from industry executives, opportunities to pitch for funding, and networking alongside game-changers.  Read Geena’s spotlight and her advice to entrepreneurs here.

A member of the LaunchPad’s Founders Circle, Matuson is an arts technologist, strategist and storyteller using creative and analytical skills to develop frameworks for brand messaging, relationships and community growth.  As a multimedia storyteller, shes uses print, digital, video and social to tell cohesive stories that drive marketing goals.  “I love to experiment with new methods and ideas while collaborating with and mentoring others. For me, there’s no delineation between work and play in that I absolutely love what I do: creation through creative problem solving.”

Her passion for teaching and community building has also influenced her work with AIY Studio (@artinspiresyou) and her work portfolio.  See both at, and see my journalism clips at

She is currently working on my forthcoming book “The Possibility System,” a focus on creativity and entrepreneurship, and internal value versus external validation.

Matuson has also designed an entirely new LaunchPad website, with a focus on complete accessibility, a particular focus for inclusive entrepreneurship.  Watch for it to launch later this month.