Global Entrepeneurship Week: Make a global impact through this Fulbright challenge to shape a better post-COVID world

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Syracuse University students are invited to participate in The Fulbright Canada Post-COVID Challenge to help shape a collective future beyond the pandemic.  The initiative is seeking bold ideas particularly related to public health and wellbeing, digital transformation, social cohesion and economic recovery.  Individual students or teams from across the U.S. or Canada, particularly from underrepresented groups, can apply. Each successful applicant or team will be assigned a Challenge Fellow, and teams could potentially also have competitive access to small grants to could help support the development of their idea. The top team will receive a $25,000 prize.  Second and third place winning teams will each receive a $10,000 prize.

The deadline to apply has been extended to January 30, 2021.

More information is here: or email questions to :