Earn academic credit working on your startup. Take EEE 400 this semester at the LaunchPad

Student at whiteboard

Are you actively working on a startup this spring, and want to do that in a structured academic framework that will give you the opportunity to earn three credits?  The Martin J. Whitman School of Management offers a unique special topics EEE 400 class, “LaunchPad,” offered Tuesday evenings in the LaunchPad.  It is open to students from all disciplines, across campus.  While it is an academic course, it’s a designed to be a real-world experience for student innovators who are working on building a scalable company.  The course focuses on both product and business model development, within a practical framework that can help take an early stage start up from concept to commercialization.  Students work individually on their ventures, while a small group studio setting provides valuable peer feedback.  The goal of the course is to turn great ideas into great ventures, by putting students through the actual steps of customer and investor discovery, product building, and market testing.  Students develop milestones and KPIs for their ventures, and work on both traction and trajectory.  It’s a highly engaged, interactive and iterative process designed to stimulate entrepreneurial thinking, while engaged in actual venture development.

Permission of instructor is required.  Space is limited, and the course is intended for students who are actively pursuing actual ventures.  The course can also be taken at the graduate level as EEE600.  Please consult with your academic advisor before requesting permission to enroll.

To request permission, e-mail LaunchPad@syr.edu